My name is Minh Sy Quang Truong, and you can call me Minh (pronounced “min” as in “minimum”). I am currently pursuing my doctoral degree at Carnegie Mellon University, focusing on the intersection of circuit design and architecture. My domain interests include efficient processing-in-memory (PIM) design, novel computer architectures, and hardware optimization. I graduated from the University of California, Davis in 2019 with a double major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am jointly advised by Dr. Rick Carley at CMU and Dr. Saugata Ghose at UIUC.

I am a firm believer in expanding one’s knowledge across many levels of abstraction, from device technology to circuit designs, architecture designs, system supports, and beyond. It is crucial for a computer architect like myself to understand the constraints and features of different fields while designing a new computer system. To this end, I have acquired many experiences in digital circuit designs, and frequently exchange ideas with device-level experts during my Ph.D. career. Ultimately, throughout my Ph.D. I want to create a novel class of PIM-based compute machines that can potentially reduce the energy consumptions by orders of magnitude compared to a conventional computer system (e.g. CPU+DRAM, etc.).

I am a research-oriented person, but I am not afraid to get my hands dirty doing complex engineering work or learning new things. You can check out my past projects on a wide range of subjects such as computer vision, embedded systems, and robotics.

Lane line and car detection project I did during undergrad

I enjoy teaching and having academic discussions with fellow passionate students. During my last year of undergrad I co-created and taught a unique senior design class about autonomous vehicle design (the first of its kind at my school), and that class since has been picked up and offered annually by the UCD Electrical and Computer Engineering department as one of its own official senior design classes. You can find the class website here.

Onto some more personal notes. I really enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes every week. I love to travel to new places just to try the food. Also, I have a great appreciation for good communication skills, including presenting, writing, teaching, and interacting with an audience during a Q&A session. I am trying to hone these skills during my Ph.D., as while it is good to have quality research, it is better if you can convey its quality to someone else.