Latest Updates

(09/2022) I have completed my Ph.D. research internship with Apple Platform Architecture – Neural Engine team.
(03/2022) My publication titled Adapting the RACER Architecture to Integrate Improved In-ReRAM Logic Primitives has been accepted at JETCAS’22 Special Topic: Revolution of AI and Machine Learning with Processing-in-Memory (PIM): from Systems, Architectures, to Circuits.
(09/2021) My first first-author publication titled RACER: Bit-Pipelined Processing Using Resistive Memory has been accepted at MICRO’21.
(08/2021) I have completed my Ph.D. internship at Apple Digital Circuit Group.
(05/2021) I have successfully passed my Ph.D. qualification exam at CMU.
(04/2021) I have been awarded the Apple Ph.D. Fellowship in Integrated Systems.
(10/2020) I have been awarded the IBM IEEE CAS/EDS AI Compute Symposium 2020 Best Poster Award.